Goal keepingAfter nearly 10 years of being retired from full-time professional football due to a serious shoulder Injury it has been a long and winding road of ups and downs!
After the Heart-breaking reality it was hard to come to terms with my career ending Injury at such an early age.
Goalkeeping was in my blood and there was no escaping that fact. In my time at Barnsley F.C and experiencing life in the "Premiership" i was fortunate enough to be coached by "Colin Walker/ Malcolm Shotton" (Reserves and Youth Team Coaches) along side One of the Top Goalkeeping coaches in the country in the name of "Eric Steele" who is currently the 1st team Goalkeeping Coach at Derby the Former Manchester Utd 1st Team GK Coach, i also had the pleasure of training with David Watson on a daily basis - England's former U21 and Barnsley's 1st Team Keeper and who is now ENGLAND'S 1st Team GK Coach looking after the very talented Joe Hart preparing him for the Summer World Cup 2014.
Since my retirement i decided on setting up my own Goalkeeping school and passing on my skills,knowledge and experience i gained working alongside some of the BEST coaches and Pedigree in the business as a young professional.
Most young Goalkeepers of today are still neglected when it comes to their teams training sessions through the lack of knowledge of the outfield coaches, this is why Goalkeeping Coaching is such a specialised area!
Some coaches try their best to involve Goalkeeper's but they need to be taught the correct habits, skills and techniques. The true fact of the matter is Goalkeepers of todays game is advancing more and more each year and requires "SPECIALISED" Goalkeeper training,from the every technical aspect - Conditioning,agility,speed,power,handling and punching techniques,footwork and balance,hand and eye co-ordination,starting positions,dealing with crosses and back passes the list of areas goes on and on!
This is were "Elite Goalkeeping UK" provides the elite skills,knowledge and training methods to improve all Goalkeeper's at all ages and at whatever level they maybe at, helping every Goalkeeper strive forward,developing them to be the best they can be and achieve their goals. It is our job to help them become the BEST goalkeepers of their generation!

"You can be anything you want to be....just believe in yourself, train hard and you can acheive anything"

Eric SteeleEric Steele & England's Dave Watson - (Some of the Best in the Business)

PhotoEngland GK Coach - Dave Watson

PhotoDave Watson in Action For Barnsley in the Premiership!